3 Different Cap Construction Types

by Perstar Hair on May 27, 2020

There are three main different types of cap construction in the world, they are lace front wig, hand tied wig and basic wig caps. You can choose whichever you like to suit your head size and style.Please read on this blog to get more knowledge of the different cap construction types.

 3 Different Cap Construction Types

Lace Front Wig

The first benefit of lace front wig caps is their natural hairline. Lace front wigs are made to look like natural hair is growing out of your hairline.The hairline of a lace front wig cap can either extend from temple-to-temple or ear-to-ear, so if you’re planning on pulling your hair back into updos to make sure your wig has ear-to-ear construction.


Hand Tied Wigs

Hand tied wigs are wigs which have individual hair fibers hand tied to the cap during the manufacturing process. This delicate and time consuming process creates the most natural hair look because each hair is filled in one by one.


Basic Wig Caps

There are four alternate names for basic wig caps: traditional weft cap, open weft cap, standard cap, and classic cap.

The hair of basic wig caps is hand or machine sewed into strips of material (cotton, velvet, silk, or otherwise). These strips are wefted together (woven like a basket) to create the appearance of natural hair growing in different directions.


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