5 Points For Hair Care To Keep Your Hair Healthy

by Perstar Hair on March 08, 2020
how to care your hair

Who does not dream of having long, thick, and healthy hair? Healthy hair is strong, silky, and smooth. Thick, alluring hair that shines bright and makes people look neat and tidy is the kind of hair health most people always struggle to achieve. But when you use a human hair wig for a long time, its natural soft bounce disappears. Human virgin hair does not have natural hair oil care, human virgin hair wig needs us to take measures to care for it. This article will give some suggestions for hair care.

 Pre-wash Your Wig

First, gently release the human virgin hair wig in a suitable position with your hands, and gently comb the hair wig. Then apply the hair wig essential oil to the virgin hair let it soak for 30 minutes. Allows virgin hair wig to absorb oil and nutrients.

Wash Your Wig Carefully

Pour the shampoo into warm water and stir until foam appears in the water. Put the lace frontal wigs in warm water, gently comb and clean the dust on your hair wig. Then rinse off the shampoo on the hair wig with water.

Care Your Human Hair Wig

Apply an appropriate amount of hair wig conditioner on the palm of your hand and evenly apply it to your wig. Do not rub your hair wig. Gently apply the conditioner in the order of the top of the hair to the ends of the hair wig, and then flatten the hair wig. Wait about 3-5 minutes after the hair absorbs nutrients. Let the water flow from the base to the hair ends and clean.

Dry Your Hair Wig

Gently squeeze excess moisture from your hair wig. Do not rub or wring your hair. If you rub or wring your hair, it will easily damage your hair. Use a dry towel to absorb moisture from your hair. Hang the hair wig on the headform and let it air out to dry.

Apply Hair Oil

After the hair dries, gently comb it to make it supple. Then apply the hair oil to allow the hair to absorb nutrients.