5 Tips or Tricks On How to Expand the Life of your Hair Extensions

by Perstar Hair on April 13, 2020

As we all know, hair extensions give us protection,beauty and ease when we do the maintenance of our hair. It makes us shine,glow and more confident when wearing them like a regular friend we visit very often. The most obvious benefit of expanding the hair extensions lifespan is that it could be cost-efficient and save you much more money and enjoy your money’s worth.So it is very important to maintain them well, take good care of them and extend their lifespans, so that they can provide service for us as long as they can. Just as carefully as we take care of any items in our lives, it is equally important to know how to do the maintenance of human hair extensions. Good caring means knowing how to brush, wash/clean, style, store, and remove them to ensure that your extensions have better, longer and happier life.

Tips or Tricks On How to Expand the Life of your Hair Extensions

Taking good care of hair extensions is much like maintaining our natural hair; basically the same rules all apply to the similar situation, such as keeping up with regular washes, brush the hair daily, and using the best products. 

If you wear hair extensions very often, then you probably need to learn a few tricks on how to make each set or unit last a little longer. Perstar Hair  have accumulated a couple of tips and tricks over many years too! So here are our best tips for extending the life of hair extensions:

1. How to comb or brush your human hair extensions:

Brush your extensions before washing them. Grip them at he bottom by using your hand, and make slow upward strokes from the bottom of the extensions and slowly combing your way up. Be careful that DO NOT brush them when they are wet or damp. Because in this situation, they are much more vulnerable and easier to get matted or tangled or broken. Letting your hair extensions air dry naturally is highly recommended instead of using hair blow dryer or expose them into direct heat conditions.

2. How to wash/clean your hair extensions

Both washing your extensions too much or too infrequently will cause falling apart or shedding very quickly. So what is the proper frequency for you to wash your hair extensions? Once a week? Or twice or week? No, it depends on the times of your uses.For every 10-20 uses, we recommend you wash them once with sulfate-free shampoo.

Before shampooing and conditioning, remove gently any tangles from your hair extensions.Then put the hair under tepid or warm water. Apply the shampoo into the hair, stroking downwards from the human hair weave or clips part to then hair ends.Remember do not twist, scrub or rub the hair by your hands or other tools. After you massaging the hair gently with shampoo, rinse the foam with warm running water until the water is clear. Make sure all the shampoo foam is removed totally because improper rinsing can cause damage or breakage.

3. How to style your hair extensions

Most human hair extensions could be cut, trimmed, straightened, permed, curled, flat Ironed, dyed, coloured, bleached and last about one year with good proper care.

For curling, you can use steam rollers and wet setting as the safest way to do it.

For cutting and trimming, or any other chemicals involving process such as perming, straightening, dying, colouring, bleaching, we suggest you should go to a hair salon and ask your hair dresser or hair stylist for professional advice.

4. How to store your hair extensions

It could be enticing to throw your hair extensions around when you are not wearing them and forget about them until you want to wear them again. Nevertheless, the way you store your hair extensions could have a big impact on the life expectancy. So when you are not wear them, please remember hang them properly on your hair extension stand, a pant hanger or a baby coat hanger delicately. This will preserve and protect your extensions very effectively, allowing them to breath and avoid them from tangling ,shedding and matting in between the wears.

During your traveling, remember to toss your extensions in a silk satin bag to save any breakage or damage.

5. How to remove your hair extensions(take sew-in human hair weft for example)

If you need to remove your sew-in hair extensions, you should cut the thread that joins them to your hair.Be careful not to cut your hair or extension when cutting the threads. Do remember not to keep the extension for too long since they may get tangled or matted around the thread. It is more easier for the invisible hair weave integration or blending to remove, compared with other types.

However,the most important secret to extend the life of your hair extensions is to treat it as your own natural hair with much more gentleness.Avoid heating hair extension with blow dryers or brushing them with strong force. They don’t have the ability to grow back and remember that hair extensions are not cheap so handle them nicely.

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