Black Hair Is Confident

by HairPerstar on December 28, 2021

Black hair is beautiful. We can do many hairstyles with our hair, not to mention all the different hair textures among blacks. From wigs to short hair to braids and hair, our hair allows us to do so much. Black hair is natural and close among many hair colors.

Nowadays, there are so many black celebrities, influential people and ordinary people sharing all aspects of their hair journey online. People share videos of their lifestyle hairstyles on Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok. It is also common for celebrities and influential people to publish pictures or videos of different hairstyles and label hair stylists. With the natural hair group becoming more and more famous among black people for embracing natural hair, in the past few years, more and more black women began to wear natural hair.

More and more women and men also tend to protect their hair styles and like the color of their hair. Black men have increasingly worn wigs and curly hair and started to dye their hair, while black women are increasingly inclined to box braids, goddess wigs, colorful wigs and passionate curly hair. In our community, twists, braids and shampooing are also promoted more, instead of relaxing and straightening our hair. Men and women are taught to love and embrace their hair and hair texture, and try different styles.

Social media has been responsible for demonstrating the versatility of natural hair and black hair. On social media applications like Tik Tok, more and more black women posted videos of braiding or wearing wigs. Instagram is also very popular. Celebrity hairstylists like Faisa Nu and Larry Simms will publish photos of different hairstyles they have done on celebrities for editing and shooting, red carpet activities, music videos and so on. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles.