What hairstyle is suitable for you?

by HairPerstar on December 21, 2021
  1. Round chin, round face: You can choose some medium and long hair styles that can cover your cheeks, which can make your face as long as possible and make your face look petite at the same time.
  2. Wide head and narrow face, oval face: you can choose Liu Haier 46 points or 37 stitches, whole wavy hairstyle or wig, so that smooth lines set off at the lower ribs will make the whole face look vivid and streamlined.
  3. Square shaped face: We must pay attention to the MM of this face type, and it is easy to show our blunt facial defects. Therefore, we should try to choose a hairstyle with lower levels on both sides and curly hair tips, which will make the face look much softer and make you more charming.
  4. Diamond-shaped face: This kind of face is more suitable for working hair, especially the hair with loose forehead and full chin, so that the overall feeling can be coordinated. Like "pear flower head".
  5. Standard face shape: MM with standard face shape is the easiest way to shape hair style. If you can, you can change your hair style every day. Don't worry, as long as your hair style is not so deliberate, it is usually suitable ~! Try it quickly.