Advantages And Disadvantages On Hand-tied Weft And Machine-tied Weft

by Perstar Hair on April 10, 2020

Hand-tied weft has become more and more popular in the hair extension market worldwide,but choosing between hand-tied weft and machine-tied weft is still a tough decision for salon workers, hairdressers and hairstylist. Better understanding about both kinds of wefts and their pros and cons are indispensable for them to decide what is the best to apply to the customers.

Advantages And Disadvantages On Hand-tied Weft And Machine-tied Weft

Hand-tied weft

Making method: by human hands

Each bundle weight:100g

Width for each bundle/piece:8-10inches per piece(depends on different lengths of the hair, 5-6 pieces per set of hair weft)


  1. Thinner, soft, more flexible and comfortable
  2. More Flatly lain on the head and closer to the scalp,having more natural appearance
  3. Longer lifespan, no shedding
  4. Great choice for those who have alopecia and thin hair problems and cannot wear voluminous machine-tied weft


  1. Higher price
  2. Easier to be unraveled and shedding when being cut into smaller pieces

Machine-tied weft

Making method: by machine

Each bundle weight:100±5g

Width for each bundle/piece:50-80inches per piece(depends on different lengths of the hair)


  1. Easier to be found from hair suppliers or vendors
  2. Easier to be installed,especially for beginners,because it could be cut into different width shedding free
  3. Lower cost


  1. Bulky, thicker, less natural(thicker weft part)
  2. Less comfortable to wear(double machine weft)

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