Different Types of Human Hair

by Perstar Hair on April 20, 2020

Many hair products, such as human hair wigs and human hair extensions are widely used nowadays. They are made of many different types of virgin remy human hair collected from all over the world. Different types of hair have different textures and natures. This blog will tell you the differences between them and introduce some popular hair types in the hair industry.

 Different Types of Human Hair

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair originates from Brazil and it is one the best textures for African American women because it has more thickness, with natural shine and longer durability and more luxurious. It also is a big thicker an coarser than Indian hair with intact cuticles holding in the same direction which will cause no tangling or matting hassle, so it is the most sought-after hair texture by the ladies around the world. And it free of chemicals, unprocessed with all cuticles retaining in the original healthy state.


Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair originates from Peru.Its texture like luster is more coarser and thicker then Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair,blending well with your natural original hair and most hair textures. It could be your multipurpose and versatile hair choice, with thick, light, soft and luxurious hair types.It holds curls and wavy looks very well.


Indian Hair

Indian Hair originates from Indian temples. They are more softer, lighter, bouncier and thicker. It is one of the most common hair type when it comes to weave the hair together. It could be styled into many different types of hair looks, like straight, wavy and curly because of its thick texture and natural luster. About its availability on the market, it is the readily highest available and easy to get from the young lady donors and it also is collected at very long lengths.


Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair originates from Malaysia, more rarer and expensive.They are collected from Malaysian temples and is sold by Malaysian women to cash it in for their families.The features include being more heavier, thicker and softer and silkier with more versatility, giving the wearers extremely luxurious feel and style they desire. It blends very well with the natural hair and make a great gorgeous natural look as well.


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