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by HairPerstar on December 02, 2021

Netizens have various views on the causes of hair loss. For example, male hormone secretion, excessive stress, mental depression, heredity, malnutrition, often staying up late, lack of sleep, computer radiation, all kinds of pollution and so on.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Industrial Technology Institute of Japan's Ministry of trade, industry and technology set up a hair loss research team composed of experts and doctors to study the problem of hair loss. After a long time of efforts, a large number of investigations and comparative experiments, the FGF-5 gene, the ultimate culprit of human hair loss, was finally found in 2000. FGF-5 gene is located in human hair follicle cells. Under normal circumstances, FGF-5 gene does not work and is in a dormant state similar to sleeping.


Only when our hair follicle cells are affected by factors that are not conducive to hair growth, such as androgen secretion, excessive stress, mental depression, malnutrition or imbalance, often staying up late, lack of sleep, computer radiation, various pollution and so on, FGF-5 gene will be activated to execute the command of hair loss.

At present, various hair care products have been launched on the market, and the effect is not very good in the end. Since we can't change our genes, we can only change our image through beauty. Wigs have become our choice after compromise.

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