How To Fix Heat Damaged Hair

by Per Star on August 31, 2020

We all have our favorites and our go-to tools when we really want our hair style to turn heads. Yet,these amazing and useful tools are also one the biggest causes of heat damaged hair.

 How To Fix Heat Damaged Hair

It is an absolute must to use a heat-protectant every time you blow dry or flat iron your hair. Exposing hair to high heat without any protectant product created damaged hair quicker and makes it harder to fix. Try limiting heat styling to once or twice a week and always, we repeat, always use a heat protectant serum or spray.


Another way to fix heat damaged hair is to fix the way you blow dry. It’s best to blow dry your hair after letting it air dry for a few minutes, and not when it is dripping wet.Blot your wet hair but don’t rub it with a microfiber towel if you don’t want wait for it to air dry. If you are using a brush when blowing dry,don’t pull too hard on the hair and look for a brush with smooth synthetic bristles for faster drying and less damage to the hair than those big,round brushes.Finally,pull the nozzle away from your head.Keeping the blow dryer about inches away is effective in terms of drying and styling, but also much safer for your hair.


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