How to Maintain Your Human Hair Weaves Properly

by Perstar Hair on May 04, 2020

If you take good care of your human hair extensions, their lifespan would be prolonged and could last as long as two years. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, two year! Keeping your hair extensions neat, clean and tidy is really essential and imperative because otherwise they will become dry, greasy, oily and inclined to be tangling and matting. Let us take a look at how you can keep your virgin remy human hair fresh as long as possible using proper methods.


Step 1.Wash your extensions:

You need to wash your hair extensions every a few days, and the frequency and the number of the days interval depends on the degree of the dirtiness of the hair, how much you sweat and work out.

The sequence of your washing would be: prepare your sulfate free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner; blend the shampoo with tepid water(or lukewarm) and rub your hands with it to generate load of foams and bubbles, then wash and clean your hair from weft track top to hair ends or bottom gently; make the shampoo into your hair and in between the weft track and braids, then thoroughly,gently and smoothly massage your scalp lightly as well.

Remember that you smooth your hair without scrubbing and avoid friction.After you finish the former procedures, you need to rinse the shampoo foam away from your hair, apply and use hair conditioner. Ensure that the conditioner exist and sit in your hair for at least three minutes so that the hair is moisturized and softened. After three minutes gone, rinse out the conditioner thoroughly.And then massage the leave-in conditioner gently in the human hair weave as well as your own natural hair.

Cautions:To avoid matting and tangling, you need to keep your hair weaves straight while washing it. Blot the hair to make it dry using micro fibre towels; do not rub or scrub your hair. Better air dry it instead of using blow dryer and make sure it is completely dry after rinsing so that it doesn’t get moldy or smell like mildew.

Step 2.Keep your hair weaves clean,shiny and tidy between the washings(the frequency of washing is about every one or two weeks).

Step 3.Comb and brush your weave correctly and properly:your sew-in hair weaves are always woven onto your own natural hair, which means if you drag through your hair roughly, you will risk tugging or pulling it out.Detangle your weave from bottom to the root gently and work your hair up. Use a wide toothed comb to gently work out the tangles from it when your hair is wet(which is best to do like this).

Step 4.Take good care of your scalps: If you don’t wash your hair regularly your scalp will get itchy very easily and more often.Use a scalp soother or tea tree oil for reliving your scalp, and remember not scratch your scalp using your fingernails because this will irritate your scalp skin, causing you to have to remove your human hair bundles quicker or even make you end up with getting scabs.

Step 5.Sleep well with hair weaves on: Remember to wrap up your hair loose with a satin scarf when going to sleep and never go to sleep with a wet weave since it can cause moldiness and mildew.


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