How to Make Extensions Look Real in Short Hair

by Per Star on June 05, 2020

Go for 100% human hair.

If you want to make hair extensions look natural, the best type of hair to use is usually 100% human hair extensions. This means they can be cut to blend in with your own style, and styled in the way you would with normal hair such as curling or straightening. It will also feel like your own hair, which will look much more natural than synthetic hair that often cannot be styled with heat.

 How to Make Extensions Look Real in Short Hair

Get the perfect color match.

A perfect color match is essential in making extensions look natural and real, even just one shade too dark or too light can make extensions stand out and let every one know that it’s fake hair. When matching the hair color, it will use the ends of your own hair as a guide, as this is where the hair extensions will sit against, not your roots. If you decide to use a completely different color from your natural shade, apply the extensions in sections to make them appear natural.


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