How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

by Perstar Hair on May 14, 2020

How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

Choose Your Lace Front Wig

Before you make investment in human hair wigs, know your head.Even though many wigs have adjustable straps,you still need to measure your head before you buy it to suit your head to the right size wig.In this situation,it is useful to have your handy measurements to get your best fit wig.

As lace front wigs give your an illusion of a natural hairline, it is your best choice to choose a lace front wig if you are not sure which type to choose for a more natural look. You can choose where your hair parting sits as wigs are designed to make them look as natural as possible. Your wig hair can move freely. It is great for those who love to experiment with styling, for example, restyling, colored, dyed, bleached, permed, curled, coiled and straightened.


Line Up Your Wigs

When you consider how to wear a wig or make it look natural, you need to consider whether the wig is positioned properly on your head.You can line it up with your natural hairline. It might take a little longer to line your wig properly, but it is worth the time to achieve the natural look.

To ensure you wear the wig properly and it is lined up correctly, you can the follow the steps below to achieve this goal:

Lower your head, and place your wig on your forehead just above your eyebrows from the back of your head or nape;

Slide the wig freely to align the baby hairline with your own natural hairline until you can feel the wig reach the nape of your neck;

Pull or shuffle the wig forward and adjust the front line to overlap it to the place where your natural hairline lies;

Use some light glue, for example, got2b, spray it around the head line, then wrap your head with a headband, the material of which could be satin or silk;

After a few minutes, the glue becomes dry, unwrap the band, and start to prepare the baby hair;

Snip some wispy bits of baby hair, using hairspray to make it wet and toothbrush to brush them into different waves of look, wait for a few minutes to let it dry off.


Pluck Your Wig

Wigs can be dense and unnatural looking around the hairline.Do you know how to make it look real in the front? Pluck the hairs around the wig’s parting and hairline.Take a close look at the natural hairline and where you part your hair. You can often see some scalp because the hairs become sparser near the hairline.If you pluck it properly and correctly, it will give your human hair wig a super natural look.


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