How To Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

by Per Star on July 28, 2020
  1. Condition your hair and hair extensions

Apply conditioner first thing after washing your hair, and then proceed with washing your body, shaving, and singing in the shower before washing it out. This will give the conditioner extra time to soak into the hair longer, increasing its effects.

 How To Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

  1. Do a hair mask at least once a week


If you're not the kind of girl who likes to spend time doing hair masks, it's time to reconsider. Doing a hair mask once a week, even if it's just for 30 minutes, will significantly improve the condition of your hair. Hair masks are quick, highly potent treatments that restore the hair with moisture and lost nutrients, leaving it silky, shiny, healthy, and less prone to tangling overall.


  1. Use a wide tooth comb

Although it may be tempting to use a brush because it's 'faster', using a wide tooth comb (or a special detangling brush) is a much better idea, especially when taking your hair's health into consideration. Not only will it remove the tangles more efficiently, but you will also protect your hair from tearing and damage. Start at the bottom of the knot, and patiently work your way up until it is combed out completely.


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