How To Straighten Your Curly Hair Easily

by Per Star on August 03, 2020

Use a Straightening Iron

If you use a good quality straightening iron and take proper care, you will be able to straighten hair without much damage. The most important point to remember while using a straightening iron is the temperature. If you have a good quality hair straightener, you will have an option to adjust the temperature.

 How To Straighten Your Curly Hair Easily

Adjust the temperature according to your hair type. For fine or slightly damaged hair, use 250 to 300 degree F temperature. For hair of average thickness use 300 to 350 degree F and for hair which is thick, coarse or frizzy use 350 to 400 degree F. Follow these simple steps to straighten your hair using a straightening iron.


Hair Straightening Using Milk

Milk works like a miracle for curly hair;Take an old spray bottle and pour milk into it;Spray it onto your dry hair;Let it work for 20 to 30 minutes;now wash it off.


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