How to Style A Human Hair Wig

by Per Star on June 22, 2020

Cut the Lace: If your wig is a lace front, it most likely came with pre-cut lace, but for the wigs that do not, the lace must be cut. This is a delicate process that takes a steady hand, a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience. Cut away about a quarter-inch of the lace all around the front and sides of the wig.

 How to Style A Human Hair Wig

Styling on or off a head: Some women prefer to style their wig on their own head, while others prefer to put it on a styrofoam or metal wig stand. Regardless of your preference, a wet wig is easier to style. Wet styling is the best method for styles like roller sets.Remember to be gentle as you do not want to cause any stress to the bonds holding the wig together.


Dry the hair: Gently blot hair with a towel. To restyle your human hair wig, you may use a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron on low heat settings only or use electric rollers on a medium setting.


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