How To Style Your Hair On a Busy Morning

by Perstar Hair on April 27, 2020

We all have one or two (maybe three) mornings ending up being unexpectedly rushed every week. During those mornings, after we get up, normally the first thing we do is to freshen up, whip up a breakfast and choose a hairstyle to wear and make it become real.When the craziness of life intertwines with our morning hair styles, we need some easy convenient hair styles that we can achieve to look yet fabulous in the nick of time.

This blog will focus the easy morning hair style and trying something new. Read this on and discover stylish but simply hairstyle which will be bound to work for your crazy mornings.

 How To Style Your Hair On a Busy Morning

1.Create a curly hairstyle.

If you’re one of those gals that already knows tomorrow will be rushed—no matter what time you set your alarm—you’re still going to hit the snooze button. Style your hair at night with medium-sized hair rollers, and in the morning, remove, shake, tousle, spritz with holding spray and go! Easy, right?

The detailed steps of doing this hair style would be: first wash your hair the night before, let it half dry naturally, place coil curlers in the hair and secure them with hair scrunchy. Remove the scrunchy and curlers when you wake up, use your blow dryer to dry the hair, don’t brush the curls out using a hairbrush, instead, run your fingers through them in order to create a looser effect, then you’ll have gorgeous, thick looking curly hair.


2.Ponytails are one of the easiest hairstyles. Tease your hair before pull it back, make a small portion of hair at the crown of your head, cover it with sleek hair, then finish with pulling it back, this easy and timeless style can look really great.


3.Style your hair with a flat iron. This should be done with dry hair using heat-protecting products. Quickly take sections of your hair and create a chic modern look with your iron. Add some shine serum or a little hair spray to avoid static.


4.Create a simple up-do by brushing your dry hair, pulling it together at the base of your neck, twist the hair and pull it up toward the crown of your head. Continue twisting the hair, and tuck it into a French twist on the opposite side of the original twist. Use plain or jeweled bobby pins to pin the tucked hair into place.


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