Laverne Cox The Same Hairstyle

by HairPerstar on February 07, 2022

Let's take a look at some lovely customer comments.  We also feel very lucky to receive such a compliment.


I am a fan of Laverne Cox, and I like her very much. I have watched her movies and TV dramas for many times, and I am also impressed by her hairstyle. A few days ago, WHEN I patronized Perstar, a shop I often visit, I found a wig of the same style as my idol's. Because this style of hair dyeing is a very complicated process, it is difficult to achieve a high degree of restoration, more or less there should be some differences, so I did not have too much hope. But as soon as I got it, she surprised me, it surprised me, it's ten thousand times better than I thought it would be, it's really, really, really good and I really recommend it.

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