The Difference Between Swiss lace and French lace

by Perstar Hair on April 16, 2020

Wigs can not be manufactured without putting lace material as the mesh base of the wig cap.There are many types of lace materials to make up of the wig cap mesh base, but the most frequently used are Swiss lace and French lace.Swiss lace is much more finer and softer, more comfortable to wear, but more delicate and easily get frayed.On the contrary, French lace is more rigid,thicker and hard wearing surprisingly.

When you are placing an order of full lace wig,lace frontal wigs or other types of lace wigs,one of the important things you need to consider is the lace type on the wig mesh base, should I choose French lace or Swiss lace? Well, we will give some some comparisons between them down below:

 The Difference Between Swiss lace and French lace

Swiss lace:


Soft, well blended with your natural scalp, and better blend with your hairline and skin with a less visible appearance.Most undetectable to see from eyes and best suitable for experienced wearers.Thin, delicate, natural looking appearance.


Finer net with larger holes, softer,more fragile and delicate than French lace, requires high-level skills and caring work to be handled,torn and ripped easily and can’t bear heavy hair density, medium-weight density is maximum. Shorter life span, less durable then French lace.


French lace:

Advantages:Beginner friendly(actually we recommend the first time buyers this kind of lace because they are inexperienced at applying and removing the wig and are more likely to damage a wig cap made of Swiss lace),thicker, more durable, require less skills to be handled.It can last much longer than Swiss lace with longer longevity and is tearing or ripping resistant virtually during the process of application and removal using glues and bonds.


More visible appearance.


After you receive your wig and open or unwrap the package, you will see the lace mesh base with a certain length extension.During the installing, you need to cut off the extra lace to customize and fit your hairline using adhesive to bond perfectly.

Both types could cause breathable and invisible effect for the lace wig wearers,but some hairpiece users still are unable to tell the difference.Hopefully this blog is able to help those wearers distinguish them easily.If you would like to wear high density wig with thicker hair and longer life span ,French lace would be a good choice;if you would like to wear a softer hairpiece with invisible appearance and lighter weight hair density, then Swiss lace is good for you. Please choose the best human hair wigs to wear and enjoy the beauty it brings about.


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