Transparent Lace Wig VS Normal Lace Wig, What is Difference?

by Perstar Hair on March 12, 2020

A transparent lace wig is made of 3 bundles with frontal or 4 bundles with closure human virgin hair, it uses a transparent lace that is undetectable an invisible lace.

Transparent lace actually refers to high-grade Swiss or French lace used in wigs, and the lace is transparent, mainly to imitate the natural hairline. The transparent lace wig can fit more naturally with human hair and looks more like a real scalp, so it is difficult to find on the skin.

 Regarding transparent lace and normal lace, a few differences are listed below for comparison:

The difference of Lace Material:

lace material

Transparent Lace VS Medium brown Lace:

The difference of lace wig price:

Due to the different raw materials, the cost of transparent lace is high and the process is difficult, so the price of transparent lace is higher than the price of the normal lace wig.

 The people who are dark-skinned can use middle brown lace. If a dark-skinned people use light brown lace, she has to darken the lace with the fabric pen, just because it’s too light. But if you use transparent lace you have not to darken your lace because transparent lace is thinner than normal lace, so the lace just melts into your skin.