What Do You Need to Consider When You Wash Your Hair

by Per Star on June 16, 2020

Your Hairstyle

If you're wearing weaves or other hair extensions that can last more than 6 weeks then use a dry shampoo in between washes to refresh your scalp and prevent product build-up.

How much time and effort do you invest into styling your hair? The more you use chemicals to straighten, color, curl, or bleach your hair, the weaker the hair is. You need all that skin oil to protect the hairs, so you need to wash it less frequently than you would hair that is undamaged by styling products.

 What Do You Need to Consider When You Wash Your Hair

Skin Type

How much skin oil does your scalp produce? Some people have very oily skin, and they need to shower more often in order to reduce the presence of skin oil in the hair (though not to the point that they dry out the skin). If you have normal skin on your scalp (not too dry nor too oily), you should be washing no more than twice per week. For those with dry skin, once or twice a week is also a good amount of washing.



The texture of your hair determines just how fast the oil works its way throughout your hair. Curly and coarse hair tends to slow down the spread of sebum, meaning that it is less common for people with coarse or curly hair to have problems with excess grease. Shampooing once per week is more than enough for curly or coarse hair. For those with straight or fine hair, it may be a good idea to shampoo two or three times per week. The sebum seeps through the hair more quickly when it’s straight or fine, meaning greasier hair.

Kinkier textures are more prone to breakage than looser curl patterns, so if you have a tighter curl pattern you can go a week or two between washes.


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