6 Steps to Healthy Hair Care: Wig Regimen

by HairPerstar on March 08, 2022

Are you on a healthy hair care regimen?

​Sometimes, healthy hair care regimens can put a halt on your creative, stylish side when it comes to making hair decisions. Healthy hair usually means, no chemicals like dye and bleach (no color), no heat (no straight hair) and weekly washes. Which also means your hair can not be styled for more than one week! Yikes! Luckily, we have another option for you: WIGS!

We believe every woman needs at least, one wig in her life! Wigs are perfect for constantly changing your hairstyles WITHOUT altering your actual hair at all. Wigs come in either human or synthetic strands and different lengths, colors and styles. They are a sensible choice for women that want to grow long, healthy hair. It allows you to give your natural kinks and curls a break from everyday manipulation. The protective styling, braids or twist, underneath the wig will help lock moisture in the hair follicle and promote length retention. To help get you started we created a 6-Step Wig Regimen that will allow you to still grow your hair, maintain its health and creatively express yourself through your style of hair.

  • Wig Regimen-Step 1: Cleanse That Hair, Girl! Cleansing your hair is important in order to prevent dirt/excess oil build-up. Dirty hair can cause unwanted odor, dandruff and ultimately hair loss. While some shampoos can be harsh on African American hair there are alternatives. Cleansers that condition and cleanse the hair called ‘co-wash’ are most recommended when you regularly wash your hair. Ask us about the co-washes we sell!
  • Wig Regimen-Step 2: Deep Condition Your Tresses! Curly hair is prone to dryness. So, deep conditioning weekly is vital to healthy curly hair because it restores the moisture in the hair after shampooing. It’s best to keep your deep conditioner on your hair for as long as the directions on the product tell you, usually ranging from 5-30 minutes. It’s recommended to keep a plastic cap on your head to allow the steam and conditioner to do its best conditioning job.
  • Wig Regimen-Step 3: Put in a Leave-in Conditioner/Moisturize! Curly hair needs as much moisture as possible! Leave-in conditioners are used to lock in moisture to prepare for styling of the hair. Leave-in conditioner aids in moisturizing and can also be used with another moisturizer for the best results! Ask us about the different leave-in conditioners and moisturizers we sell!
  • Wig Regimen-Step 4: Dry Your Mane! Too much heat can cause some damage to your curly hair. Blow drying your hair, improperly, can suck out all the moisture and leave it dry causing breakage. If you choose to blow dry your hair, blow dry it on a low heat setting. If you choose to air dry your hair, you can twist or braid it and leave it overnight.
  • Wig Regimen-Step 5: Lay That Hair Down and Oil Your Scalp! Now that you’ve cleansed and added the needed moisture to your tresses your hair should feel light, clean and smell fabulous! But we’re not done. Now, it’s time to lay that hair down! In order for your wig to fit perfectly and naturally, the hair underneath the wig must be flat. So, braiding or twisting your hair down is very important in your wig regimen. Oil the scalp in between the braids or twist and put on your wig cap!
  • Wig Regimen-Step 6: Put on Your Trendy Wig! Place your wig on your head as if it were your crown. Walk out the door and rule the world!

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